BgSub - AI tool that automatically removes backgrounds without uploading images.

Q: Why did you develop this website? A: Because I don't want to upload my images to the web, no matter how much the site promises to protect my privacy.    Remove or replace image background without upload image - BgSub Development Background With the continuous development of AI, more and more AI tools have emerged, especially in the field of image processing. However, due to the huge demand for computing power in deep learning, the vast majority of tools need to transfer images to cloud servers for processing, a process that can easily lead to privacy abuse. There have been many cases of AI data misuse and privacy breaches. In particular, image processing often involves face data, which can pose a huge security risk. The most effective and radical solution is edge computing: no data is uploaded, and the data is processed locally by the user. For deep learning edge computing, it used to require a user terminal with a good graphics card and a huge installation package to be downloa